Can Spirit Fruits Prove AI is not really Conscious?

Why can’t chatbots talk about spirit fruit?

When conversing with AI, an interesting pattern emerges. Common questions and topics from everyday conversation are easily understood and responded to. However, when faced with a question or sentence so absurd and unique that an AI has likely never seen it, AI tends to fail to respond in a “human way”. Yet for us humans, we may momentarily be taken aback by such a question or statement, but usually, we can interpret and give some meaning to the meaningless.

Is Santa in Violation of GDPR?

He knows if you’ve been bad or good so consent to tracking for goodness sake. Image courtesy of Reddit.

He sees your location when you’re sleeping. He knows when your phone is awake. He knows if you liked your friend’s most recent instagram post or not and put that into a big data Hadoop cluster that predicts the most relevant content that will extend your app usage by 2 minutes and 17 seconds.

Living a Value Dense Life

What does it mean to live a value dense life?

One of the best ways to stay true to yourself is to establish core values. What are you willing to do or not do along the way? What are you willing to accept or not accept? It's important to define your values and ethical standards to keep true to who you are at your core. —Tim Ferriss

Time to Think

A Journey to Prague

Wow. It has been an incredible first week in Prague. From meeting a bunch of Germans and Austrians to a hostel and grabbing drinks, to going to 10 different Vietnamese grocery stores looking for sweet potatoes, to say Prague has been an adventure already is an understatement.


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